We are runamics. Small company. Big purpose.

team Hamburg from the left: 

Henning Heide, photographer, urban running senior (initiator of tide runners)

Lena Rix, fashion designer, fitness junkie (5 days a week is rather relaxed)

Steffen Otten, eco and business nerd, not only looks like a forest goblin but also runs there every week


Our mission is to make environmentally friendly sports gear for runners. It started a few years ago, when Steffen heard the first time about microplastic pollution produced through plastic-textiles when washing them. As an enthusiastic runner, this sticked to his mind and his workouts have not been the same anymore. As there were no real alternatives for runners, there needed to be one. runamics was born.


Since then we studied the downsides of sports gear in depth. At every stage in the life cycle of a sports garment, there are serious downsides. Be it the doubtful production process in Asia, the produced microplastic when washing the gear at home, and of course the disposal problem at the end of its life. 


We want to call the attention of all sports folks to the fact that the gear we are wearing has an impact. Negative impact in the old world. Positive impact in our world. 

It is possible.

We replace typical poly fibres like polyester by natural or regenerative fibres. We combine merino wool with wood based cellulosic fibres like Lyocell. We make experiments with highly innovative fibres like biodegradable elastic fibres or “polyester-like” substitutes. Also, when it comes to additionals like waistbands, tie-strings, or labels, we do not compromise.

You + us = impact. 

runamics is made up of like-minded sports folks. Our home base is in Hamburg / Germany. But it´s not only us. The runamics tribe includes all the people out there who want to be part of the change. Everybody can involve. Whatever idea you might have, reach out to us, and get active. Be it to provide cool content, organize an event, or represent the runamics mission at your favorite races.