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Minimal plastic sports brand runamics made their first baby steps with the help of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Within a short period of time we were funded and kick-ass plastic free and sustainable running gear was ready to hit the streets.

runamics decided to organize a relay run with a kilometer for every one of the 305 supporters of the crowdfunding campaign.

The first RUNAMICS AWARENESS RUN will be held at the weekend 9th+ 10th of may 2020 and its gonna take at least 305 Kilometer which will be run in one piece by different runners.

To include all sorts of runners with different skills, the speed will be a pace of 6 minutes per kilometer. Not only does this mean to include more runners, but also to eliminate the competitive character of other relay races and making it possible to completely plan stops and arrival time.

The plan is to start in Münster on Saturday morning at 8 o clock and arrive via Bremen in Hamburg at 2pm on Sunday.

At least, there will always be running one runner but as you can imagine there’s nearly no limit to the crew that joins. You can follow us live online and can jump in where and whenever you like.

Along the run will have different stations with supporting brands that fit thematically in our topic (plastic, sustainability, running). They should all be part of a pledge which reminds us all to try our best in being better to our planet.

We don’t want plastic bottles with soda devils from hell, but healthy and fair water partners.

We don’t wanna be driven around in large SUVs during relay breaks, but we are willing to use great sources of available energy to come forward.

We won’t deliver fried chicken or bbq crisps to our runners, but love healthy, local, organic, vegan and of course delicious food.

We hate plastic packages of endurance gels on the ground after races, so we are super happy to work with Crew Gel and their refillable gel, which will help you guys in the dark and lonely moments for some special energy.

And of course we’ll have (next to the cars that pick up runners at the transition zones) steadily bike support aaaaand if you like with an extra boost through some kindly selected music out of speakers.

Do you live in Münster, Bremen or anywhere between these two cities and Hamburg? You should run with us.

Do you have a company, project or idea that could be featured in and around our relay weekend? Let’s make it a part of the RAR.

Whether it’s about climate change, plastic, waste, bees, forestry, sustainable transport or any other idea that fits into our pledge - not only our race should be something special, but also the track we are about to run.

After the party, it’s the after party- you know how we roll.

As you can imagine we don’t want to split up after running 30 hours as a gang, so we are looking forward to invite you fellas to some celebration in Hamburg. Let’s grab the chance and calm down or get wild or just have a chat about all the mad things that are possible in our growing sustainability world.

People from out of town better contact us early with wishes where and how they’d like to sleep. We can recommend fitting hostels or easily organize host for you from the local running crew.

RUNAMICS AWARENESS RUN- it’s on us, let’s make this a great one.

RAR partners so far: