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team hamburg:  henning heide  |  lena rix  |  steffen otten

even if this image might suggest, no, we are not the next death metal band. we are the guys to challenge the sports gear industry - together with you.

we* strive for two things

1 | spread good vibes

because there is too much negativity, shaming, and blaming in the news and on timelines. planet earth is great, so are humans.

2 | make eco-minded running & sports gear

because current gear in the market is not good for our planet...

(it´s made of crude oil and chemicals, i.e. 100% plastic)

(it produces microplastic when being washed, ending up in our oceans)

(after disposing it, it is neither biodegradable, nor recycable)

...and therefore not for you.

(the list of ingredients not healthy for your skin is long)

(the microplastic from our textiles finds its way back to us through our water and food)

basically, it´s toxic trash we are putting on our bodies and into our eco-system.


we offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional sports gear.


 our guiding star and future vision is to be 100% eco-friendly by all means, along the full value chain.

we are happy to have you here.

...and are even more happy, if you would like to become part of the runamics tribe. No matter how you want to engage. You could become an ambassador, promote us in your country, your favorite race, or sports club. You could send us feedback, ideas, or images.

please. get. in. touch.