runamics Deep Dives

With our deep dive episodes we are trying to bring a little light into the complex world of eco-friendly textiles and sportswear. You got a question for us that needs some explanation? We are looking to hear from you. 

Deep Dive #1: Does the world really need another sports brand?

Deep Dive #2: Does it make any sense to develop compostable textiles / sportswear?

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The moment of truth for our founder Steffen was a video from World Economic Forum he was watching in 2017. They were explaining the problem of microplastic in rivers and oceans, coming from synthetic plastic textiles. The microplastic could be found all around the globe, even in the arctic. Small living organisms digest this plastic and by this the plastic makes its way into the food chain of other animals and also us humans. It was described as an irreversible global environmental crisis. Knowing that all his running gear was made of conventional plastic (and a large chunk of his leisure gear), he felt uncomfortable. The new found knowledge was running with Steffen, mile for mile.

Since looking for alternative running gear not made of conventional plastics was´t successful, Steffen decided to come up with something on his own. runamics was born. Steffen visited many trade shows to talk to experts from the textile industry and met scientists to discuss issues and potential solutions. In May 2019 he finally found a partnering company in Europe to blend two well performing fibres with each other. A very fine blend of merino wool and Tencel Lyocell should made up the first fabric for the first running shirt of runamics. Together with a running tights and shorts Steffen started a crowdfunding campaign for his idea on With success. The crowdfunding campaign was funded already within the first 24 hours. 

It became obvious quite fast that this was not a one-man-project. By end of 2019, Steffen had the luck to win 2 great people for his project. Henning Heide, professional photographer and founder of the Hamburg based running crew Tide Runners joined came on board. Further, Lena Rix, a highly experienced fashion designer became a third partner. The new formed team collected many experiences with their products and the market.

Over the months the three have learned that microplastics is only one severe issue of conventional sportswear. The downsides are much worse and more complex. This lead to a mindset shift and a new mission of the team: runamics want to develop end-to-end eco-friendly sportswear for runners by becoming the first Cradle to Cradle certified sports brand in the world. Together with partners they have developed their first certified product in the end of 2020. The cleanest tracksuit on earth. They ran another successful crowdfunding for this development again. In 2021, further Cradle to Cradle certified products will follow.