Cradle to Cradle certified Tracksuit

A tracksuit that gives back to nature. First of its kind on our planet. NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER

Planet friendly running gear

Ready for winter running? Pre-order our new longsleeve at a discounted price now. Delivery before Christmas (if Corona won´t shut down our production).

Repair + Care

We make your runamics products live longer. Send them in, we´ll repair them for you (if possible). For free.

Long story short ...

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sustainable running shoes 2021

Sustainable running shoes - an overview for 2021

Just like us, many runners are looking for environmentally friendly running shoes. First of all, the good news is that a lot is happening and we can expect a “thought through” solution in this decade. By “thought through” we mean...

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Natürlich Laufen (Natural Running)

Natürlich Laufen (Natural Running)

Geschrieben von Leif Call. „Lauf Forrest, lauf.“ Ein Satz, den wohl jeder kennt und der eben jenen Forrest nicht nur aus seinen Beinschienen befreit, sondern ihn auch zum Star des College Football-Teams, zum Kriegshelden und schließlich zur Lauf-Ikone macht. Was...

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For free

Repair + Care Programme

In case of any defect you can send in your runamics garments. We´ll check if repair is possible. If yes, our colleagues from the workshop for disabled people Hamburg repair it and we´ll send it back to you for free. If repair is not possible, you´ll get a discount for a replacement. 

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Member of Impact Hub

We are proud members of Impact Hub, the largest global network for purpose start-ups. #impacthubhamburg

We are "crowdfunded"

In only 8 hours we financed our project on this crowdfunding platform. Thanks to all our supporters.

Climate neutral company

We avoid emissions where we can and where they can´t be avoided, we compensate them.