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Fast Fashion in Sports

Fast Fashion in Sports

2 years without new clothes The impetus for this blog post came from my colleague and friend Henning Heide.Henning told me that he stopped buying clothes on March 5th, 2018. It doesn't sound terribly spectacular, but it was for him back then...

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sustainable running shoes 2021

Sustainable running shoes - an overview for 2021

Just like us, many runners are looking for environmentally friendly running shoes. First of all, the good news is that a lot is happening and we can expect a “thought through” solution in this decade. By “thought through” we mean...

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Repair + Care Programme

In case of any defect you can send in your runamics garments. We´ll check if repair is possible. If yes, our colleagues from the workshop for disabled people Hamburg repair it and we´ll send it back to you for free. If repair is not possible, you´ll get a discount for a replacement. 

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